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876 million Indians live in rural India

India can truly move forward only when all Indians get every opportunity to make their lives better – including better homes and lifestyle necessities.

It has been SAIL’s endeavour to make quality steel available to every consumer in his vicinity. This is more than an effort; it is a mission born out of a firm conviction that none in India shall be resigned to live in tacky dwellings for want of quality steel.

Even as SAIL triumphantly declares its contribution to projects of national importance, it works towards empowering the smallest steel consumer in the remotest corner of the country to enable him to build long-lasting, cost-effective and safe structures – homes, schools, hospitals, bridges, buildings, etc.

SAIL has a countrywide network of dealers – over 1970 … and still growing! This band of dealers ensures availability of quality steel in virtually all the districts of the country. There is a SAIL Dealer not far from where you are.

So take the first step towards your dream house. Step in to an Apna SAIL Shop and walk out with your requirement of branded products such as SAIL TMT (quality steel rebars for construction), SAIL JYOTI (India’s best galvanised plain or corrugated – GP/GC – sheets) and light structurals.

Go ahead. Buy the best steel at the best price.

Come to Apna SAIL Shop. Do not hesitate even if your requirement of steel is small – may be just a couple of SAIL TMT rebars to surround you with security, or a sheet or two of SAIL JYOTI to cover your dwelling. No requirement is small… because we understand your need. And, fulfil it.

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